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Automated Time Tracking

Automated time tracking is a game-changer when it comes to keeping tabs on your work hours, tasks, and projects. The best part? No more manual input from you or your employees! 

Internet Connectivity Report

The Internet Connectivity Report is a detailed analysis that gives you a complete picture of how well your organization's internet connection is performing. It covers everything from speed and reliability to the overall quality of your connection..


Breaks in timekeeping are those specific periods of rest or downtime that employees are entitled to during their workday. These breaks are a way for workers to take a breather and recharge before getting back to their tasks. 

Offline Tracking

Offline tracking in timekeeping refers to the capability of a timekeeping system to record and track employees' work hours and activities even when they are not connected to the internet or a network.

User-controlled Desktop app

 A user-controlled desktop application in timekeeping refers to software installed on an employee's computer that enables them to independently track and manage their work hours, tasks, and productivity.

Silent Tracking

Silent tracking in timekeeping refers to the unobtrusive and automated monitoring of work hours and activities without requiring direct input or interaction from employees.

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Timeline reports

Timeline reports provides visual representation of employees work activities over a specified period.  

Project and task management

Efficiently track projects and tasks, ensuring accurate time allocation. 

Hours track reports

Effortlessly monitor and analyze time allocation with comprehensive hour track reports. 

Custom data export

Export timekeeping data in customized formats tailored to your reporting need.  

Schedule work

Optimize workforce productivity by efficiently organizing work schedules.


visualize and manage work schedules with an intuitive calendar interface. 

Common FAQ for Time Tracker

absolutely safe from the eyes of any third party or malware attacks. Data protection is taken very seriously in this industry - a company that fails in this respect can’t retain their clients, it’s that simple.

  Time tracking software is a computer program that helps you accurately measure your employees’ time on tasks and projects. 

improving productivity, better task delegation, insight into when employees are available, calculating payroll, tracking attendance, and many more.

  Time tracking is simple, we are providing a demo watch that demo and start your journey with Time Tracker.  

There are many benefits of time tracker like maintain your work, projects, show your activities etc.